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Open MRI of Connecticut was established over 40 years ago with the simple mission to provide diagnostic imaging and quality care to the patients in the Hartford and Middlesex communities. In the last 40 years significant advancements have occurred in medicine and particularly in radiology. Open MRI of Connecticut has incorporated the many diagnostic imaging modalities including ultrasound, Cat Scan, Mammography and MRI into the practice. Our centers have web based physician portals which allow your physician immediate access to your images. Written reports are available within 12 hours. Emergency or stat reads are available immediately upon the request of your physician.

Our technologists and staff realize that patients are often claustrophobic requiring special attention. They understand and are committed to making you as comfortable as possible.   We are committed to treat our patients as we would our own family.

Convenient Hours of Operations Preparing For Your Exam Reports Immediately Ready for Your Physician ACR Accredited

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